Perryton is a slab style painted door on dense fiberboard. The contemporary design complements is versatile for multiple kitchen styles and schemes. It is available in all painted finishes.


  • Slab- A one piece flat/slab door.


  •  A seamless, painted finish that is available in all door styles.


  • Full – Extended 1 1/4″ door overlay.



Drawer Box:

  • Particleboard*
  • Plywood
  • Ply-Dovetail

Drawer Slide:

  • Partial Extension*
  • Full Extension
  • Full Extenstion w/ Soft-Close

Cabinet Construction:

  • Particleboard*
  • Plywood

Interior Cabinet Color:

  • Natural Maple*
  • White

Shelf Depth:

  • Half Depth Shelf*
  • Full Depth Shelf
  • 3/4″ Full Depth Shelf

*Feature is a standard construction offering