Locally Made

With plant facilities and offices located in East Bernard and El Campo, in south central Texas – Leedo is excellent resource for American made cabinets.

Forward Thinking

Market innovators both in product finishes for cabinets and home grown technology used for order tracking.

Problem Solvers

With our extensive experience in the industry Leedo has seasoned problems solvers ready to tackle a challenge.

Customer Support

With a dedicated customer service department you can  speak to a live professional with questions you have.

Leedo History


In 1971, Leon and Doris Levinthal opened a small cabinetry plant in East Bernard just west of Houston. As a playful twist using both their first names, Leedo was created. Recognizing the booming housing market in Texas, Vic Samuels purchased Leedo in 1981. As European style cabinetry increased in popularity, in 2013 Leedo added a European frameless plant in El Campo, Texas. After fifty years, Leedo is still family owned and has grown in production capabilities to over 600,000 cabinets per year to support multi-family builders, single family builders and distributor partners across the country.



Leedo Dedication

Leedo is dedicated to making our customers successful, both in the short term and the long term. Our dedication to customer service goes hand-in-hand with our long term perspective on the industry. We expect to provide cabinets to builders and distributors for decades to come, and that conviction guides how we treat our customers. Our commitment to this marketplace supports continued investments in quality products and a daily commitment to improving our management processes.

In loving memory of

Vic Samuels

December 25, 1940 – June 14, 2020

“Those of us fortunate to have excess energy and time after taking care of life’s essentials define our lives by what we choose to do with our ‘non-work’ time – the rest of our lives. What do we dedicate ourselves to? Are we self-indulgent or do we define ourselves by repairing the world and completing creation? We are what we commit ourselves to. We have a responsibility to make the world a better place.”

David Mullis

David Mullis

President & CEO

Barney Knight

Barney Knight

Vice President of Business Services

Mike Katsoulis

Mike Katsoulis

Executive Vice President – Sales